Monday, September 5, 2011

Are There Any Work From Home Opportunities That Create Actual Income?

Of course there are. Thousands and thousands of people work from their home with online jobs every day and not just in entrepreneurial ventures. Sometimes it’s for family reasons, sometimes for health reasons, but what ever your personal reason for working from home or online, finding those can be difficult and expensive. But if working from home interests you, read on.

Unfortunately, there are lots of work from home employment online scams.

First, lets discuss what isn’t a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. Any “opportunity” that insists that you hand over your money or information in order to receive leads or wants you to pay for “supplies only they can provide” is sure to leave you with an empty pocket or a massive bill. Don’t do it. The only money being made is the money transferring from your pocket to theirs. You’ll end up “working from home” to get your money back!

If you DO find a work-from-home opportunity (online or elsewhere) that looks interesting, don’t hesitate to check them out with the Better Business Bureau or better yet, a search engine. Enter the name of the business and then the word “scam” and see what comes up. Realize that not every business with the word “scam” added as a keyword is actually a scam. Sometimes upset employees or customers will resort to a scorched earth approach just because they didn’t get a 50 cent raise or a 50% discount, so read these articles and postings with a open minded but DO read them. See if what is written sounds reasonable or if the poster is just off their rocker.

What are the most common work-from-home jobs?

The top legitimate positions include:

Work from home with direct sales of products or services
Work from home travel
Work from home virtual assistant
Work from home medical billing and coding jobs online

Be your own boss being a home companion
Work from home being a virtual technical assistance

In addition to these, be sure and check out 26 Ways To Make Extra Money While Keeping Your Day Job. Many of those do require leaving the house but there are quite a few that don’t.

How much should I expect to make in a work-from-home job?

That’s hard to say because just like in traditional positions, it varies and sometimes it can vary a lot. If you’re just answering customer service calls and routing them to the appropriate departments, don’t expect more than minimum wage. But if you’re a nurse who answers a hospital’s “Dial-A-Nurse” line after hours, you can expect to make considerably more. Many attorneys work from home and make quite a lot.
The bottom line is the amount you can make will depend on your position, skill, expertise, experience, and the hours you put in.

 Don’t let the bad people in the work from home employment industry scare you away
There are many honest and legitimate opportunities out there for people who need or want to work from home, but you have to find them … or sometimes create your own but there are several online work from home jobs available out there! So start looking!

I personally have made my work at home income telecommuting for a company transcribing. Working from home has made it so easy to balance life and work. I work while my children are sleeping. I am not making a large income from home by choice. If and when I choose, I can up my hourly wage by completing more jobs. Working from home has brought a lot of joy to me and my family. Mommy never has to work outside her home again! You can find legitimate work at home opportunities, I did!

Check out next months post about work from ideas that may require working out of the home!